School Personnel

All of our accredited Montessori guides collaborate to ensure program integrity; each has the appropriate training, experience and commitment required to provide an authentic Montessori environment in their classroom and throughout the school. Classroom assistants, administrators and volunteers are all chosen to support Montessori values and help model appropriate behaviours.

Amanda Kershaw, Principal

Amanda received her B.Sc., B.Ed. (Elementary Education), and M.Ed (Educational Leadership) from the University of Calgary. She also studied at the Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI), where she received her MACTE accredited elementary Montessori training.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Amanda has worked primarily in Montessori education. She also brings experience in teaching English as a second language and expertise in special education. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys time with her family, gardening, snowboarding, cooking, and reading. Amanda’s youngest son currently attends MMEC.

Her Comments on Montessori
“A Montessori Education offers the child the entire universe. It encourages a gratitude for everything and everyone. I am inspired by Maria Montessori’s profound respect for children and her desire to foster their independence, internal motivation and natural desire to learn.”

Servejit Massey, Primary Programs

Servejit oversees the Toddler, Casa and Before and After Care programs as our Primary Director. She has MACTE accredited Casa training with a designation from the Montessori Institute of America (MIA). Servejit has 25 years of Montessori experience at private schools in Toronto and Calgary.

Servejit enhances her work life with yoga, running, music, reading, and cooking. Servejit is also a dedicated Montessori parent whose three daughters have completed Montessori elementary.

Her Comments on Montessori
“The Montessori Philosophy inspires guides to embrace each child with respect, humility and sensitivity. This, and the prepared environment, allow each child to appreciate and explore his or her innate qualities and desires.”

Sarah Blackman, Elementary Programs

Sarah completed both her BA (Honours in Communication Studies) and Master of Teaching/BEd in Elementary Education at the University of Calgary. Always drawn to explore educational philosophies that were child-centered and embodied best practice, she was inspired to pursue her MACTE-accredited Elementary Montessori training at the Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI) when her children began their schooling. Her two daughters are both MMEC alumni.

Sarah brings her love of French language, Kodaly music and her years of piano study with her to MMEC. She enjoys music, yoga, walking, hiking, cooking, and reading and has a keen interest in peace as it is actualized by both individuals and communities.

Her Comments on Montessori
“Maria Montessori was a researcher who asked many questions and sought solutions to humanity’s repeated struggles to achieve harmony. Over 100 years later, her method and philosophy are supported by current research on effective educational practice. I remain continuously inspired by the Montessori method and its capacity to nourish all of us in our efforts to guide our children to realize their individual and collective potential.”